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Product distribution

Small or large parts we can produce what you need! We have presses ranging from 15 to 720 tons, with the capacity for further growth.

- Automation capabilities
- Clean room molding
- Overmolding
- Rotary (vertical) molding
- Custom packaging


Scientific Molding

We utilize statistical analysis to drive process improvements. Stable processes allow for less variance and lower scrap rates. Taking a scientific approach ensures that your parts are done right—the first time.

Scientific molding helps identify issues to produce a world-class part. Identifying weaknesses helps us to create reliability & repeatability.

Scientific molding helps us know we’re running a good part before the press even starts running


Our Commitment to Quality

Quality is paramount at Arrowhead Scientific. It encompasses all we do.

We believe in problem prevention over problem detection and pride ourselves in point of use product. In our commitment to EXCELLENCE from ART to PART we offer our customers a world-class quality lab with state-of-the-art measuring equipment.

We offer quality solutions and process controls including:




- Keyence 3-D inspection up to .00008 tolerance
- Capability studies (CPK)
- Gage R&R
- First Article
- X Bar and R Charting
- Pareto Charting




Global Capabilities

Whether you’re looking to proudly display your “Made in USA” stickers to your customers, or you need a more cost-effective offshore pricing, we’ve got a solution for you.