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Inventory Management and logistics

Kit Producing and Fulfillment

Starting in 1993, Arrowhead Scientific has been serving our clients worldwide by producing, storing and fulfilling a range of collection kits in multiple laboratory markets. We have produced, managed and fulfilled a variety of kit types including DNA, Sexual Assault, Wellness, Life Insurance, Blood Alcohol, Urine Collection, Gunshot Residue, Research and more.


Case Study

Arrowhead Scientific manufactures a biological collection kit for our federal government on an annual, contracted agreement.  This particular kit requires us to assign a unique serial number to each kit and package the kits in sequential order.  We then distribute the kits in sequence, and store all of the data in our system so we can communicate the details to our client.  This client has over 400 worldwide locations, from Kansas to Japan, and we provide them with weekly feedback including each shipping location’s corresponding unique sequential number.


How we can help you

Whether it’s kit manufacturing, storage, or fulfillment and controlled distribution, we can help!  Call us today at 913-894-8388 and we’ll get you in touch with one of our Sales Specialists.